Marku Machining Co. Ltd.

Company Marku Machining Co. Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of food equipment, namely the production of various types of equipment for pressing sugar. Also Marku Machining Co LTD formochnye produces equipment and systems powder coating.

Equipment company Marku Machining Co. Ltd. very high quality. As the company focuses on international standards. The firm is committed to continuous improvement produced models.

We hope that working with our company for you to be interesting, promising and open new opportunities for your development.

Our Products

  • Sugar Pressing Machines
    • Full automatic cube sugar machines
    • Semi automatic cube sugar machines
    • Pearl sugar making machines
    • Conic (Loaf) sugar making machines
    • Envelope sugar wrapping machines
    • Pillow sugar wrapping machines
    • Hard sugar making machines
  • Seamless Gutter Systems